Avoid a website traffic jam with these lead generation techniques

3 January 2017
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Bringing in visitors to your company’s site is one of the most vital aspects of your job as a digital marketer. You know how to attract prospects to your business’s online platform, and you spend vast amounts of time measuring that website traffic.

But when you sit down to analyze the number of visitors coming in to your site, maybe you find that while you’re seeing a huge influx in traffic, the number of leads being generated isn’t matching up. Surely, if more people are clicking and browsing around the website, then you should be seeing more leads roll in, right?

Well, not quite. Your company’s website may look great and have all of the right components, but if your lead generation techniques aren’t up to par, that traffic will just get jammed up. But not to worry – there are several strategies you can follow to ensure you are effectively generating leads from your site traffic. Check out some of our suggestions below on how to boost your leads and your overall marketing goals.

1. Revise your landing pages
Your landing pages are often the first thing that visitors see when they arrive on your site. Doesn’t it make sense that they should be continually revised to fit consumers’ ever-changing needs?

A Marketo study found that 68 percent of companies focus on optimizing landing pages in order to generate more leads. Because this type of content plays such an important role in your marketing efforts, think of your landing pages as a part of your business – mainly as an extension of your sales team. If your sales department is constantly updating its strategies to appeal to prospects, shouldn’t you be enhancing your landing pages as well?

Coordinate with your salespeople to learn more about any changes in consumers’ behaviors and preferences. Use this information to revisit and review your buyer personas. And refresh any pages that are out of date now that you’re armed with the new data. Looking at all of these factors that inspire your potential customers to contact you can give you a great jumping off point to optimizing your landing pages for maximum effectiveness.

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